This post is written by me on behalf of Liz Lange and Ergobaby.  Product was provided.

My second baby is almost a year and a half old.

sleeping baby

How the heck did THAT happen?

Heather and Whitney

I went to an event in San Diego a couple weekends ago called Baby Bloggy Boot Camp, where I got to hear some of my favorite bloggy pals speak about creating content for moms. Yeah, this is a business and I actually go to career development events to hone my skills and make sure I'm putting out content that people actually care about. I swear I'm not just ranting endlessly from the depths of my foggy mom mind. My pals Heather and Whitney from Rookie Moms were there speaking. They've been a huge inspiration to me and long-time colleagues of mine. We often exchange questions like, “How can I delegate more work so I can find time to watch Glee?” and “Do any moms REALLY use a wipes warmer? Seriously? How is this a thing?” Getting perspective from parents outside your usual community is refreshing and important. It helps open up your eyes to potential issues and solutions you may not have thought of.

Baby carriers, maternity wear, swaddles and more stuff you'll actually use with a second baby

Anyway, some of the sponsors at the event reminded me that even at this semi-advanced phase in our parenting journey…I'm still learning. I'm still discovering awesome things that work for me now that I didn't think of the first time around.

Stuff I Use with the Second Baby (that I Should've Thought of with the First)

I had the hardest time picking out stuff for the second baby when I was pregnant. I had a lot of essentials, but knew that I didn't do everything the best way the first time around. I think it really just took experience and a deep NEED to streamline my processes and take care of myself before I was able to assess it all and discover what worked well for us.

His arm is totally not supposed to be sticking out like that. My second baby is quite the talented escape artist.

I didn't really use baby carriers with my first son. I tried, but I never properly learned and I was frustrated that there didn't seem to be a “one size fits all” option that went from the baby phase to toddlerhood.

baby carrier nap

Enter the Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier. I got to test it out before it officially hit the market, and this thing is AWESOME. It lets you carry baby facing in (great for the infant months, and when baby needs a little extra mommy time as shown in the picture above) as well as hip and back carry. That's really nothing new. Ergo has always been top-of-the-list in ergnomic support for those activities. What the 360 does differently is let you simply adjust a strap at the crotch area to wear baby forward facing out with proper support. This position is awesome for quick trips to the grocery store. Nate, along with many dads I've met, prefer it. That position is good for babies from approximately 5-12 months. With the infant insert letting you use this carrier from birth, this is the first carrier I've seen that TRULY goes from birth to toddlerhood while providing parents with a solution for every single preferred carry method. It's officially being launched next month, so be on the lookout!

Ergo also has a swaddler and a wrap that I'm in love with – their brand offers some cool new advancements on two things I should have used more extensively with my first but did make good use of with my second baby. Their wrap uses a really cool no-sag material, and the swaddler helps position baby correctly so you don't have to question if you're getting everything tucked in right (it's no fun to frantically Google, “How to wrap a baby” at 3am while draped in excessive amounts of cloth).

Liz Lange maternity wear

Another thing I used a lot more with my second baby was maternity wear. Confession: I STILL wear maternity wear when I just need to feel comfortable. With Some Boy, I thought I had to stuff myself back into “regular clothes” as quickly as possible. Ugh. That led to a lot of disappointment and frustration. This time around, I've given myself freedom to do what works for me, to wear whatever the heck feels good. Liz Lange is one of my favorite maternity wear brands because it flatters my figure no matter what phase I'm in, it's affordable and comfortable.

What items did you discover with your second baby?

This post is written by me on behalf of Liz Lange and Ergobaby.  Product was provided.