I take an excessive amount of selfies. On my Christmas list this year, I will admit, there are a number of selfie gifts to help fuel my vainglorious photography expeditions.

Top 4 selfie gifts for the photo-enthused

It's not really an obsession with myself, as much as an intense focus on documenting my family in growth. A reader pointed out awhile back that there are endless photos of the kids here on the blog and even all the animals and household accessories, but very few of me. It's a sad day when the living room lamp appears in pictures more often than mom does, but that's life when you're the one spending most of the time behind the lens. So I made a conscious effort to turn the camera on myself more often, and it's been kind of nice to see me progressing along with the rest of the crew.

If you have a friend in a similar spot, selfie gifts are the perfect solution!

Selfie Gifts We're Loving This Season

Selfie-friendly phones. You've undoubtedly seen the infamous Ellen selfie featuring the Samsung Galaxy, and it's my personal favorite phone for aiming in my own direction. From the camera screen you can verbalize “Smile,” “Capture,” “Flash on” or “Record video” and the phone will capture you in-motion, no button-pressing needed.

Top 4 selfie gifts for shutterbugs

Selfie stick. Are your arms not long enough to get everyone in the shot? Stick your phone on a bluetooth-enabled selfie stick to trigger the shutter from further away.

Top 4 selfie gifts for shutterbugs

Drones. We have a professional-grade drone for videos and aerial shots, but they make some toy ones that could be really fun as selfie gifts for families and teenagers.

Top 4 selfie gifts for shutterbugs

Portable Power Bank. I keep backup power banks in my purse to energize my cameras and phones in-between selfie sessions. This is one of those selfie gifts that's really functional for everyday life. Shhhhh, don't tell, but I may have a few of these already in boxes for certain friends and family members who seem incapable of keeping their phones charged.

Got any shutterbugs on your list? What selfie gifts are you giving or hoping to get this season?