Throughout the first season of Shameless, the family suffers with a lot of hardship but they take it in stride and often end the episode with a bit of humor and a well-connected family. They love each other, in spite of all the crap they deal with. So when the oldest daughter, Fiona, has a chance to skip town at the end of season one and go start anew in Costa Rica, I wasn't too surprised that she turned it down in favor of sticking with her difficult but family-oriented life.

Shameless – ‘We Have a Proposition'

In all honesty, I'd say that if Fiona were a friend, I would advise her to leave. But if it were my own personal situation, I would have stayed as well because I feel an intense sense of duty and obligation to my family. Family is important and more often than not, when everyone else leaves, family is all we have. There's no replacing that. To me, that's what Shameless is really all about. Loving your family in spite of their, well, downright shamelessness.

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