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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ProudOn TV.

sharing videos with family

I love to share videos with family, but lately I seem to run into a lot of speed bumps when trying to do it. Nate and I have different phones that film in different formats or speak different languages or something, meaning that his video messages come through really blurry to my phone and vice versa. We didn't have this issue when we both had the same phone model, but the frequent updates in technology here makes for ever-changing platforms. We can't always be identical in our digital lives.

skeptical baby

sleeping baby

Then there's the matter of people who don't even HAVE phones. My dad has one of those basic cell phones, with no data. I know, you're all, “They still make those!?” Yep. My dad's old school. How do you share videos with family members who you can't even text message? But I don't want him to miss out on the boys growing up. He's far away so it's hard for him to visit often, but he has NO other family whatsoever. It's really important for him to see those first steps and hear those first words. So far, I've just been putting stuff up on YouTube for him (and other distant family) to check out once in awhile, but I'm not always comfortable with the entire world seeing our intimate family moments.

my kids in action

crawler monkey

Take, for example, Some Boy's first crawling experience. The first time we caught him crawling, he was sprawled out on his blanket butt naked. He had somehow ditched the diaper a few moments before and decided that this newfound freedom-filled moment was the perfect time to progress forward on his hands and knees. No offense, world, but I'm not letting you see my little frogger hop around in the buff. I wanted to share that moment with the grandparents and great-grandparents, but couldn't blast it out on YouTube. I'm sure there are some sort of privacy settings and password protections I could mess with, but who has time for that?

ProudON TV

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family video sharing website

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ProudOn TV.