shared birthday
Colby and I with matching watch birthday presents from our mom.

I've explained before how my sister and I have a shared birthday. She was born on my sixth birthday, to be exact, and every year we do something extra-special to celebrate – just me, Colby and my mom. My mom's sobriety birthday is actually the day before our shared birthday (she went to rehab when I turned five), so it's a special time for her as well. We've done memorable things in the past like traveling to New York and going to Disneyland. The last couple years, we've been all about seeing awesome shows like CATS and Cavalia.

This Year's Shared Birthday

how to train your dragon spectacular 1

This year we took the boys and went to see Dreamworks' How to Train Your Dragon LIVE Spectacular. I loved the movie, but I'm really not sure what I was expecting from the show. I've had pretty bad experiences with movie-to-stage shows in the past, and I had visions of some sort of Chinese New Year puppet dragon weaving around the stage.

how to train your dragon spectacular 2

Obviously, I was way wrong. The show featured dozens of animatronic dragons that were larger than life. If I didn't know better, I truly would have believed that dragons were taking over the Honda Center. Random, but I have to share this: when we arrived for the show, Colby asked if it was named “Honda Center” because this is where they keep all the Hondas. I don't think she'll ever live that one down.

how to train your dragon spectacular 3

There were screens all over the wall and floor that sucked viewers into this magical dragon world with amazing effects. Some Boy was a little freaked out by the fire-breathing dragons, and it took a bit of explaining to get him to understand that these creatures weren't going to hop up into the audience and eat him alive. Once he settled down, he actually stayed alert and engaged with the whole show. He was fascinated by the cute story of Hiccup, the accidental dragon-whisperer. Even Sidekick stayed awake and smiled in the direction of the stage throughout the two-hour event, staring at all the lights and the dancing segments. If you haven't seen it, you totally should.

birthday cake

My mom got me the most amazing chocolate raspberry cake from Whole Foods. I've been working my way through it for the last couple of days.

here chicken

Now that I'm older and have my own family I make a point to do the shared birthday thing with my sister the day before our actual birthday, and then have a day to celebrate with Nate and the kids on my own. Nate asked what I wanted this year and I told him all I've been wishing for is a nice, low-key day. It's been awhile since we've had one of those. So that's exactly what I got! We visited a friend's farm and Some Boy had a blast chasing her chickens around the coop. Then we met up with another friend in town for lunch and I got my favorite bacon tacos at Rubio's.

birthday present

Oma surprised me with a TON of gardening supplies! I'm getting ready to plant our spring garden and I'm so excited to start working the ground out back.

baby feet

I ended the night with some baby-holding in my comfy couch spot by the fire after Nate tended to the kids for awhile so I could do some laundry and unpack a few more boxes. I know it sounds lame, but I really just wanted to get the house in order so I can finally start enjoying the space here and checking off some of the other things on my to-do list.

Do any of you have a shared birthday? How do you celebrate your special day?

This post is sponsored by Dreamworks' How to Train Your Dragon.