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Skype stay connected

With a mom who lives in Washington State and a best friend who lives in Switzerland it's hard to keep up with our daily lives on a regular basis. But that doesn't stop me from chatting it up with my BFF or letting my kids enjoy a great conversation with their grandma. By using Skype video calls we're able to interact with our loved ones who live far away and enjoy special moments as if we were in person.

And the best part is, our kids don't even have to leave the chair or stop playing to do so!

Since we downloaded the Skype app to our iPad the kids can literally take grandma wherever they go around the house and show her what they're talking about. Much easier for Grandma instead of the kids describing what they see and “showing” her on the phone like it's a camera.

Skype iPad app

Making Memories 1,300 Miles Away via Skype

While the stories of what my daughter has shown my mom over the phone are cute, the memories they make together via Skype are priceless. It's about 1,300 miles from San Diego to Seattle. About a 3 hour plane ride or an 18 hour drive straight through. But Skype connects us face to face whenever we want within seconds.

And until we have enough money to fly the family over multiple times a year, video chatting is the way we connect and the way my mom sees her grandchildren grow. And it truly is a magical thing!

Until we can visit again, we'll continue to communicate via Skype and create memories from 1,300 miles away.

Skype connects grandma

The Impossible Family Photo

One man, separated from his family by more than just 1,300 miles, was able to create the impossible family photo by using Skype to stay connected to his family.

Dennis lives in Pennsylvania while his family, including his young son, live in Uganda. But you wouldn't know that he hasn't been back to visit his family in quite some time by the way he interacts with them.

You can learn more about his story by viewing the inspiring video below.

Connect Your Family with Skype

If you have loved ones who live far away from you, or even live a short distance away but you want to stay connected, keep in touch with Skype.

You can learn more on how to stay together via Skype by visiting their website here.