I distinctly remember the first time I encountered shelf safe milk. I was studying abroad at a university in Oaxaca when my Mexican roommate reached into our shared pantry, pulled out a box and poured herself a glass of milk. I scrunched up my nose and gasped at her in my extremely limited Spanish, “What on EARTH are you doing? Shouldn't that be in the refrigerator??” Even if my poor Spanish didn't properly deliver the message, the look on my face got the point across. She laughed at me and explained. Apparently, milk can be specially packaged in a way that makes it “shelf safe milk,” able to be stored unrefrigerated without spoiling. Apparently, this is totally commonplace in almost every part of the world except the United States. Shows how well-traveled I am, I suppose.

shelf safe milk

The trend is finally coming to the states and I'm really hoping that people will give it a chance, as culturally bizarre as we may initially find it. Once I got used to the idea (and yes, I've now had plenty of shelf safe milk with no ill effects) I found that shelf safe milk is an easy and convenient way to have milk on-the-go.

shelf safe milk

Shelf Safe Milk: Versatile and Easy

Grab some and toss it in a cooler on the way to the park or beach. Throw some in your kids' school lunch. I know Nate and I often spend a huge amount of our family time outside of the house tracking down milk for Some Boy's sippy. Now that he's gotten used to whole milk, he refuses to drink formula. God forbid we grab any sort of powdered drink. The kid's extremely picky and will literally chuck his sippy across the room if he detects that we're trying to replace his beloved cow juice. Problem solved! Shelf safe milk makes the perfect substitute for his usual refrigerator fave. And with Milk Unleashed, he can have the same nutrition with no additives or preservatives.

Look for Shelf Safe Milk for a Simple Solution

You can usually find it on a shelf in the store, near soy milk or powdered milk. Intrigued? Learn more about shelf safe milk on Facebook!

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