Some Boy

Since Some Boy was born, I've taken a lot of pictures of him. They're cute, they're funny, some are downright weird, but they're all of my cherished baby! Like any normal parent, I want to print them all off and stick them in a scrapbook that I can tote around in my purse to show random strangers at the grocery store. The problem? I'm too dang busy changing diapers and wiping spit up off my arm to be handling a bunch of printed photos. Thankfully, this is the digital age and there's an app for that. Seriously. Shutterfly has an iPhone and iPad app. How cool is that?? So I may not have time to scrapbook but I have more than enough time to upload my photos to Shutterfly, pick a layout and print off some photo books. Shutterfly also simplifies my life with other printed stuff like birth announcements and birthday invitations so I can handle all that kind of stuff from one place without trying to keep track of multiple accounts.