I don't know why everyone talks about pregnant women “glowing.” From my experience, that is so not the case. My skin has never been more dry, bumpy and irritated than it has in the last 9 months. I'm not really a lotion person, either, so that's just made the struggle that much more difficult. I hate the greasy feeling that moisturizers leave on my skin and I'm paranoid about slathering any harmful products on my body that could potentially have a negative effect on the baby.

When Skin MD offered me the chance to try out their skin care product, I was intrigued. It's a natural lotion made from food and medical grade quality products found on the FDA's most safe list. Instead of layering greasy products onto the skin, Skin MD promotes health from the inside out by providing a protective barrier that seals in the skin's own natural oils while moisturizing the skin with a humectant proven 6 times more effecting than any other found in common creams.. There are no harsh dyes or chemicals that can seep in through my skin, so I felt completely confident about using it during pregnancy.

Skin MD before and afterHere are my own results after using Skin MD consistently for a week on my arms. I've always had relatively dry skin in this area, but pregnancy made my skin go completely haywire. It was so bumpy that several friends actually asked if I was having an allergic reaction of some sort! I was embarrassed to wear short sleeves in public. I still have a lot of dry, red splotches on my arms, but I no longer have raised bumps like I did before. While the skin is still irritated, it now looks like normal hormone-driven dryness instead of a medical emergency. I love the feel of Skin MD. One of its big successes is that it truly isn't greasy at all, so I'm inclined to use it frequently. A few people have also remarked over how soft my hands are since I started using the product. I'm guilty of doing everything from gardening to dish-washing without gloves on, and Skin MD provides a protective barrier that keeps my hands from drying out.