Sleep disorder called children

The fun never ends around here!

gel mattress

I set up a mattress in my office to test my theory that I accomplish more in bed. So far it's a total win. Except when I happen to fall asleep (which I let myself because I obviously need it), I'm getting a lot done in complete and total comfort. And yes, I sleep with six pillows.

nighttime studio photography

I'd say the only downside to having a bed in your office is that a lot of my work tends to get corralled there. It's a fairly large room, but I don't have a proper desk yet. That needs to be addressed because it's becoming a constant shuffle with all the photo boxes, my laptop, etc. My consulting work is requiring more and more photo work. It seems you can't be a writer nowadays without knowing how to take a proper product picture, so I'm spending nights brushing up my skills. Thank goodness for Opa. He shows me the ropes (you can all thank him for guiding me towards less harsh lighting. Apparently you're not supposed to snap pics outside at noon. Who knew?).