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Our Sleep Number Twitter party last week was a big success, thanks to all of you! Along with the experts over at Sleep Number, we shared some of our very own tried-and-true sleep solutions. After all, we feel pretty qualified to speak on the subject. With our hectic schedule, completely different sleeping styles and the baby waking us up constantly, we've become masters at sneaking in some Zzzz's.

sleep solutions

One of the big problems we used to have is our varying preferences in bed firmness. Nate's obviously way taller and heavier than I am, so he needs an extra-firm mattress for support whereas I prefer something with a little more cushion. That's been the main thing about our Sleep Number i8 bed that's been a huge help to us: the ability to adjust each side individually to our ideal setting. I also enjoy being able to change my side on a whim, so I can easily make it firmer for better back support when I've had a particularly grueling day. I also like that the mattress is still going strong after almost a year. The mattresses we've gone through in the past have all wound up with a pretty solid indentation where Nate sleeps, and I used to find myself slumped in that “pit” when he wasn't around. None of that anymore!

Our i8 bed had also been a huge help in ways I never would have expected. With our fancy Sleep Number technology and a little clever thinking on my part, I'm finally able to keep cuddly Nate over on his side so I can sleep better.

I know, I'm a genius. To all of you out there who need a “sleep buffer” like myself: you're SO very welcome.

Sweet dreams!

This post is sponsored by Sleep Number. All opinions are my own.