baby sleep training

We're sleep training Sidekick. And by that, I mean he's training me to sleep on the couch every night after he abruptly passes out in my arms, or in the baby rocker or bouncer or playpen. Once he's finally settled, there is no way in hell I'm moving this kid so I may as well get comfy. He usually stays put from 10pm until 2 or 3am, and then I spend two to three hours staving off his first morning nursing session until 5am. I'm an expert shusher.

The dogs have been really rowdy lately. I don't know if it's a seasonal thing or what. I haven't caught them humping anything yet (thank God), but if they wake the baby up, they WILL feel my wrath.

I'm having an artichoke for dinner. Just an artichoke. Nate and I were supposed to go grocery shopping last time he was off but somehow we ended up buying a riding mower instead. I was pissed off about the lack of food and declared that he'd be responsible for dinner the entire week. So…I'm having an artichoke. That's all I could find.

There's syrup in my hair. At least, I think it's syrup. Yup, syrup. Did I even eat syrup today?

We're having a birthday party for Some Boy this weekend. I need to clean. No, I really need to finish the boys' new room. This baby sleeping thing isn't going to be effective until I have Some Boy moved into the big boy bed and free up the crib for Sidekick. I love the cradle for the first few months, but after that the babies get too used to being near me and somehow wind up in my bed every night. So maybe the couch thing is good. Keeps me just on the edge of wakefulness so I don't go into zombie mode and fall asleep feeding Sidekick. That's not a healthy habit for us. I need my space. That's one of the reasons we bought this house; the separation between the master and the kids' bedrooms.

This artichoke isn't cutting it. I want sausage.

Some Boy's in the “No” phase. He keeps shouting it over and over from the other room. You'd think he's being tortured back there. Or he can read my mind and really doesn't think I should have that sausage. Probably wants it all for himself.

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