I've mentioned before that I followed Smallville throughout the years and enjoyed the ending. When any show ends, however, I always contemplate how I would have done it differently and what I would have chosen to happen next if I were a show writer (don't even get me started on Lost or Friends. I could write an entire diatribe on what went wrong there). The thing is, I really don't like it when shows get tied up neatly in the end. I don't like an excessive amount of hanging drama, either, but let's not pretend everyone skips off into the sunset happily. That's what I loved about the ending of Smallville: there's plenty of room for interpretation. It leaves a way for a spinoff. There are plenty of possibilities and another writer can step up and discuss what would happen to Clark in their own version of the future.

So allow me: Clark has kids. Come on, you knew that one was coming. Many Smallville fans, like myself, were of the age to become parents while Smallville was on. We're all looking for a way to continually relate it to our own lives. However, let's just say that those kids don't have any powers. It would be interesting to showcase the adventures of a superhero dad balancing the needs of an average family. And Clark can fly now, but what DOES he do about those pesky birds and planes that get all up in his space? What do you think? What would you have happen next in Smallville? Are there any other show endings that you would rewrite or continue differently if you were given the chance?

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