After ten seasons and 218 episodes, Smallville is officially over. It started midway through my high school years and got me all the way through college, marriage and the birth of Some Boy. A lot of the show's most epic moments lined up nicely with mine. Here were some of my favorites.

Season One, 2001
Clark Kent arrives in Smallville in a meteor shower. I move to California…in an airplane.

Season Two, 2002
Clark develops heat vision, which he realizes is triggered by arousal. I attend my first prom.

Season Three, 2003
Lana goes to Paris. I go to college.

Season Four, 2004
Lionel and Clark switch bodies. I put on the freshman fifteen.

Season Five, 2005
Lex and Lana get together. I meet my husband.

Season Six, 2006
Clark's DNA is copied, resulting in a “bizarre” version of himself. I drink a LOT of caffeine to get through finals, resulting in a bizarre version of myself.

Season Seven, 2007
Clark discovers he has a cousin, and teaches her how to control her abilities in public. I take my first elementary school job, and teach eight-year-olds how to multiply.

Season Eight, 2008
Clark starts work at The Daily Planet. I start work at a local magazine.

Season Nine, 2009
Clark talks Lois into moving in with him so they can have a more traditional relationship. Nate talks me into marrying him.

Season Ten, 2010
Clark and Lois get married. So do Nate and I.

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I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘Smallville.'