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What she really wants for Mother's Day

I got a surprise package from a long-term sponsor the other day, and Nate hovered over my shoulder while I opened it. “Wow,” he marveled at all the prettiness. “What is THAT for?”

“Mother's Day,” I replied. “How sweet are the people I work with to think of me?!”

“Oh, right.” He flinched. It was ever so brief, but I caught it out of the corner of my eye. We've been so busy with work and travel and the kids, I'm not surprised he hadn't realized it was coming up.

“Hun, don't worry about buying me anything. I've got it.”

Oh MAN, have I got it.

Samsung smart camera and tab bundle

I've been on the hunt for a smart camera since I saw a bunch of my pals using their fancy Samsung devices at Mom 2.0. They were taking professional pictures and tweeting/Facebooking them out directly from the camera! I also had total blogger envy over everyone's tablets. How is it that blogging has been my official, full-time profession for over two years and I still don't have all this gadgetry? With the average camera and tablet price around $500 a piece, though, I figured I'd have to pick one or the other. But THEN I heard about this awesome #pixbundle from Sam's Club: Samsung's NX1100 smart camera coupled with the Galaxy Tab 2 and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (a must-have for anyone who works with photography as part of their profession) all for $600.

Heck yes, happy Mother's Day to me!

My New Smart Camera and Tablet


I rushed over to Sam's Club the very first day the smart camera/tablet bundles went on sale and giddily paged through the instruction book the second I got home. This smart camera connects to WiFi to upload photos to the cloud or social media, or even directly to a folder on your Windows computer. I went ahead and setup Picasa on my laptop and phone as well as on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and NX1100 so I could gather all my photos in one area for easy editing and uploading to the blog. This will literally save me hours every week.

Camera flash

I tested out the included detachable flash on sleeping Sidekick.

Night shot with the Samsung NX1100

I took advantage of the night photo setting to capture our lovely little pergola glowing in the distance.

Camera effects

I toyed with manual settings, filters and even fisheye shots in the living room.

Magic frame

Nate was a willing model while I scrolled through the numerous Magic Frames included on the smart camera.

Blue eyed boy

Some Boy donned some blue plaid so I could try color selection.

Smart camera vignette effect

Kraken sleepily ignored me while I tested out some smart camera vignetting.

What Moms Really Want

Samsung NX1100 smart camera

This Mother's Day, I'm treating myself to the gift of efficiency. I could have gone to the spa or gotten a massage to relax, but with this tablet and smart camera to streamline my work, I've given myself what every mom really wants.