snoozeshade stroller

When we got our jogging stroller, I was so excited to take Some Boy out running everywhere. There was just one problem: the sun totally blinded him every few steps. The sunshade that came with the stroller is good, but it just doesn't cut it when we're bouncing all over the place and turning every which way (trust me, this is an unavoidable problem…I run like a spazz). Especially if I run early in the morning or late in the afternoon, the sun is low and peeks right into his eyes.


SnoozeShade sent me one of their stroller shades for review and it totally solved my dilemma. It clips on easily to the sides of the stroller and provides Some Boy with a cool, shady spot to nap while we're out jogging. It was actually created by a British mother who had a similar problem as me. She clearly felt my pain and created a product that addresses all my concerns. The Snoozeshade is lightweight and breathable so I can use it without concern about Some Boy's safety, and it securely straps on so I don't have to fuss with blankets that may fall into his face. Best of all, it has a zipper opening in front so I can reach in and help him find his pacifier or check on him without removing the entire cover and waking him up.

The SnoozeShade also folds up into a little storage bag so I can easily tote it in my diaper bag and have it on hand for picnics, beach time and impromptu day hikes. Before I started using it there were a couple times I found myself stranded at family outings with no shade to put the baby under. Trust me, it's not fun to be trying to wrangle a grumpy baby and avoid sunburn while dozens of people try to peek at him underneath a loose blanket. Now I can just strap the SnoozeShade onto his stroller (or even put it up on a tree, over a chair, or any other nearby overhang) and we're good to go.

SnoozeShade also offers a similar product for infant car seats. For more information, check out the SnoozeShade website, or their helpful YouTube videos.

SnoozeShade provided me with a SnoozeShade to faciliate my review. All opinions are my own.