Visitors don't immediately associate California with the idea of snow, but the fact is that there are a ton of die-hard all-weather adventurers around here. California provides the opportunity to hit up the beach, the desert, the city and the snowy mountains all in a single day.

snowed in

Some of my greatest memories are flecked with snow. On my fifth birthday I was visiting my grandparents in Los Angeles. When they asked me what I wanted, I didn't demand Disney or Barbies or anything that could be bought at a store. I wanted to see snow for the very first time. So they packed the family up and drove to Mountain High, where California skiing first became a regular part of a local day. I built a snowman and rolled down a slippery hill, laughing and giggling and making memories that would last a lifetime.

getting Starbucks in the blizzard

I can remember the day I learned to snowboard on that same mountain. I threw a fit after falling on my butt about twenty times in a row, sulking over hot chocolate in one of the lodges and swearing that I'd never again step foot in that damned powdery stuff.

That didn't last long.

standing up in the snow

Sidekick took some of his very first steps in snow, tentatively smiling at the crunching beneath his feet.

getting engaged in the snow

And years before that, Nate and I actually got engaged on a trip to the slopes (he is indeed wearing shorts…that's how us Californians roll).

So yes, the changing seasons mean less time on the beach and shorter days in the city. But for many around here it also means that opening day on the slopes is drawing near and they can finally smell the sweet scent of fresh snow! If you're eager to get back on the board (or skis, whatever), check out Mountain High's Season Pass Sale from August 30th through September 8th, 2014 to score a season pass fro $249 PLUS $200 in free benefits including a Buddy Ticket (a $69 value).