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geek chic

I know you're all SO jelly because I just got new Jellybeans!


That's right, those plastic shoes you loved as a child are back. I had glittery purple ones when we lived on Maui. Their squishy soles were so comfortable for running around town. I'd wear those things through our dusty neighborhood, right into the pool and then onto the mall without skipping a beat. Shoes that don't need to be strapped on and off and on and off every five seconds? This is the stuff of parents' dreams! Although I would highly advise NOT wearing them into that rough bark-filled swingset area. A shoeful of splinters is no bueno. I speak from experience, people.

Oh So Jelly Style

how to pull off jelly shoes

The comeback of this brightly-colored and bedazzled footwear – like so many shiny things from the 80's – has many of my hipster pals scratching their heads. “I must find a fresh and ironic spin on this childhood favorite, STAT!” The key to pulling off these shoes and making everyone else so jelly is to go for that much-loved geek chic look.

Slap on some skinny jeans, oversized glasses and a couple statement pieces mixed with subdued grays and blacks. A matching hint of sexiness like my little red camisole above coupled with some textured pieces like that shiny satin cuffed jacket, and you'll fit right in at the Apple Store. Or strumming your vintage guitar outside Starbucks. Or riding your beach cruiser through a city street. Whatever.

so jelly: jellybeans are back in style

You can check out more looks to make your friends so jelly over on Pinterest or Instagram. And you can even score these with FREE shipping in the US. Where will you get your jelly on this summer?