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A couple weeks ago, I met with some local friends here in San Diego to learn all about a new project they've just started. I am SO stoked to share this with you! The concept is perfect for moms and families. It was started when a local mom got pregnant. She had a boy and all his old clothes, and found out she was pregnant with a girl. She wanted to swap her old boys' clothing collection with someone who had a girl and was pregnant with a boy. Sounds easy enough, right? But she couldn't find a solution. So, she created an awesome service for moms like herself.

Aptly named “StokeBox,” it's a new website that lets members list boxes of their best stuff in exchange for boxes of things they need from trusted members. Simply gather up gently used items that you no longer need and photograph them in a collection, following the StokeBox guidelines. It can be ANY kind of item, from kids clothes to cooking supplies, craft stuff, media and more. Upload photos and a description to StokeBox, along with selecting which size box you'll be sending it out in (StokeBox uses standard USPS small, medium and large boxes, which you can get for FREE from the post office or have them sent directly to your house). When another member wants what you have, StokeBox will send you a pre-paid label so you can send the box out to the other member at no cost to you.

so stoked about stokebox

Here's the best part: whenever you list a box of stuff you don't need on StokeBox, you'll get a token that gives you access to select any box from another member (when your box ships, you'll even earn a bonus token). 1 token = 1 box. When you choose a box you want, you simply pay the StokeBox shipping fee ($10 for a small box, $15 for medium and $20 for large) and StokeBox will have the other member ship the box to you. No need to communicate directly with members or try to barter your stuff out. StokeBox gives you the ability to use what you have as collateral for whatever you need. Upcycling!

one of my stokeboxes

I've already listed four boxes, including an adorable pregnancy box and a birthday box (with all sorts of goodies from Some Boy's rubber ducky birthday).

little girl stokebox

baby girl stokebox

I'm planning on ordering my first box as soon as we know what this baby's gender is. That's the trouble with waiting until the end…if it's a girl, we're going to be in serious need of some baby girl clothes STAT! I've been eyeing some precious, packed girl boxes. Seriously, it's amazing how many clothes you can fit into one of those boxes. And how cute are those special occasion outfits? A halloween costume AND Christmas dress for $15…score!

so stoked about this boy's stokebox

Of course, if I have another boy I'm all set in the clothing department but there are a ton of fun and valuable playtime boxes. Check out this one chock full of sports equipment. I actually may get this one whether I have a girl or a boy. Some Boy's already pretty active, and being stocked up on pads and other gear for awhile would save us a fortune! I am SO stoked about the findings on StokeBox.


Are you on StokeBox yet? I'd love to see YOUR boxes! Link them up below so we can all browse each other's awesome stuff!


This post is sponsored by StokeBox. All opinions are my own.