sodastream giveaway

Everyone loves their mom and always wants to find the best gift to make her feel loved and appreciated. My mom has an obsession with sparkling water, so I figured she'd love a SodaStream!


I've actually been having a really hard time stomaching anything during this pregnancy – water included – so the SodaStream has been a lifesaver. The SodaStream has a carbonator that you simply screw into the machine, so I can put my own filtered water in it and add carbonation. That way, I always know I'm getting enough water and I'm not resorting to a ton of sugary juices or soda.

sodastream how to

You simply screw a liter of water into the machine…

making sodastream sparkling water

Tap the carbonating button a few times…

sodastream sparkling water

And voila! Homemade sparkling water. Some people do drink it plain, but I like to add a little Sodamix flavoring or MyWater Flavor Essence to give it some more flavor.