Ice Age 4D at the San Diego Zoo

Last weekend, Some Boy and I went to the San Diego zoo (his first trip there!) to check out their new “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” 4D experience.

ice age 4d

The zoo put on an Ice Age-themed display near the Elephant Odyssey, complete with TEN TONS of snow for the Ice Age 4d premiere.

some boy snow san diego zoo

Oh yes, Some Boy got to step on snow for the first time. He was very skeptical about the whole thing.

san diego zoo prehistoric animals

Zoo keepers brought in all sorts of funny prehistoric-looking creatures. Some Boy was particularly fond of the armadillo, which skitted around on its tip-toes like some sort of funny wind-up doll.

keke palmer ice age 4d

Keke Palmer, who voices Peaches in Ice Age 4, made an appearance and gave a brief speech about her love for animals and how thrilled she was to be part of the film. She held my friend's adorable baby boy for a bit and oooohed and aaaahed over him as the rest of the media crew vied for her attention. “Mom, you HAVE to come and see this baby!” she called to her family, who attended the showing with her. It was nice to meet a young celebrity who was so down-to-earth and personable.

4d movie

Some Boy sat and watched the whole 14-minute Ice Age 4D experience, completely enthralled with animals popping out at him in 3D, snow drifting around, berry-scented air puffing at us and vines lapping at our heels. The short film followed Sid the Sloth on an adventure through dinosaur territory, with the familiar celebrity cast including Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary and Queen Latifah.

sleeping baby

After the Ice Age 4D experience, Some Boy promptly passed out while I wheeled his sleepy butt in the stroller around the rest of the park.

san diego zoo panda

Other than the Ice Age 4D experience, a few things not to miss at the park are the pandas and the gorillas. The enclosure setups let visitors get really up close and personal with the animals. And if you do get a chance to come to San Diego, I also highly recommend the San Diego Zoo's sister park, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park up in north county. They have a fun tram with animals wandering through open-air exhibits and my very favorite, lorikeets that feed right out of your hand!