I always hear about big groups of girls going to the spa together for a spa day, getting manicures and pedicures and massages as a group. I guess I'm just more of a lone wolf, but I personally like to go to the spa alone. I drop Some Boy off with Oma or leave him with Nate and enjoy a rare chance to be alone with my thoughts. My thoughts and a masseuse, that is.


A couple weeks ago, I headed out to Zen Spa to preview some of their Spa Week offerings. Spa Week is a national event featuring $50 treatments like facials, massages, body scrubs and more at spas all over the country. Zen Spa asked me to check out their Fire & Ice Full Body Massage and Brightening Orange Blossom Rejuvenating Facial.


The Fire & Ice massage featured alternating hot stones and cold stones, which help to loosen the muscles. I'd never had a hot stone massage and wasn't sure what to expect. I honestly thought that they just set hot stones on your back and leave you there for an hour! Thank goodness, that's not the case. They heat smooth stones in what looks to be some sort of crock pot, and cool a bunch down in a bucket of ice. They run them over you in an alternating pattern and leave some on the larger muscles for a few minutes while they rub your hands, arms and feet. Once the hot/cold treatment has relaxed all your muscles, that's when the masseuse really starts in with the massage work. And this one didn't hold back, working every muscle thoroughly. I find that most massages are too soft for me, so I appreciated the firm grip.


The facial was unlike any I've ever had. Whereas most in the past have focused on hydrating my constantly-dry skin, this aesthetician dealt with my biggest problem as of late: flare-ups. Pregnancy hormone have been doing a number on my skin. The scrubs and citrus masks she used pulled all my imperfections to the surface and she zapped them away with the extractor thingy and her expert hands. My skin was clear for weeks afterward.

I definitely plan to go back for massages and facials throughout my pregnancy and beyond. It's nice to know that there's a spa so close with experts in both treatments – and a place that's maternity-friendly, as I've encountered some spas that won't do massages in the first trimester despite studies showing it can be perfectly safe with the proper training. If you live in the San Diego area, I'd definitely recommend you take advantage of Zen Spa's treatments – and you can get them at a discount this week for Spa Week!

If you're not local, check out spaweek.com for awesome specials in your area. I haven't had a bad experience with any of their spas…and yes, I've treated myself to a few!

This post is sponsored by Spa Week. All opinions are my own.