sparkly christmas ornament

I've been seeing sparkly Christmas ball ornaments everywhere this season. Kim Kardashian has some pink sparkly ornaments at Bloomingdale's. More glittery varieties are over at Macy's and Pier 1 Imports. I first spotted some non-shatter purple and green ones while I was shopping over at Walmart for craft supplies.

walmart crafts

I'm at Walmart so frequently lately that I've actually picked one checkout dude to always ring up with, and we have an ongoing dialogue. It goes something like this: “Here for more craft stuff?”…”Yep, and the baby needed another pacifier. The dogs played fetch with the last one.”…”Ew. You should probably pick up some new chew toys while you're here, too.”…”Good point. I'll be right back.” It's been all crafting, all the time for the last couple of weeks. I can't help myself. I flip open a magazine or hop on Pinterest and everything's so beautiful and inspiring that I just NEED to make it NOW.

Crate & Barrel got in on the sparkly ornament action with this cool forest scene, which was the inspiration for my DIY version. Seeing as how glitter is so in, I decided to try my hand at some shiny Christmas ornaments of my own.

christmas ornament craft

Sparkly Cut-Out Christmas Ornaments
Christmas ball ornaments, large
Elmer's CraftBond Sparkle Glue, any color (I used white and silver)
Elmer's CraftBond Gel Pens
Elmer's CraftBond Flexible Dual Tip Glue Pen
X-ACTO Decorative Shapes Template (you can use this to trace shapes with a pen and then cut them out with scissors, but it's easiest to cut your shape out directly with an X-ACTO swivel knife and X-ACTO Self-Healing Craft Mat)
X-ACTO Precision Scissors
White printer paper

christmas craft template

Using the X-ACTO Decorative Shapes Template, cut out some shapes that you'd like to glue to your ball ornament.

family christmas ornament craft

Draw the outline of a word with pencil and carefully cut it out with the X-ACTO Precision Scissors. I love these scissors because they're so precise, they let me get every little curve just perfect.

christmas craft

Color the shapes and/or word any color you'd like with the gel pens.

DIY christmas ornament craft

Glue the shapes and word onto the ball ornament and let dry for at least half an hour.

sparkly christmas

Squirt a bunch of the Elmer's CraftBond Sparkle Glue onto the ornament and spread it all over with your fingertips (fine, you can use a brush if you really must. I just enjoy getting sparkles all over the place). Let dry overnight.

The glue dries completely clear and doesn't have that murky dried glue look that so many craft glues have, so all you're left with is a bunch of sparkles that seem to be magically adhered to the ornament.

sparkly christmas

We wrapped ours up and gave it to to my former pastor from when I was in high school. He and his family just moved to San Diego! I'm so excited to have them nearby again. He and his wife had us over for dinner yesterday and man, she cooks up a storm! She served bratwurst, steak, AND pork loin. Nate was in heaven.

diy christmas ornament

I decided to try my hand at a kid-friendly version of this craft while I had all the supplies out. Simply use Elmer's Painters Markers along with the ball ornaments and sparkle glue. Have kids draw designs directly onto the ornaments with the paint markers, let dry briefly and then coat the designs with a thin coat of sparkle glue. Hang to dry overnight. The results come out looking amazingly professional.

kid ornaments craft

I wrote out words that represent our life over the past year (“Love,” “Baby,” etc) and hung them on a wall ornament rack I made out of some scrap wood pieces we had laying around.

You can find more crafty inspiration over on the Elmer's Facebook or Twitter pages, and connect with X-ACTO for cutting-edge ideas (heh heh) on Facebook.

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