I'm a huge fan of deal sites, and we save a ton of money using them. The problem, however, is that the deals aren't tailored to me or my family. My inbox is filled to the brim daily with offers for things like golfing (not interested), professional photography (Nate's family runs their own media business so we don't need help in this department) and trips to Cabo (yeah, that sounds awesome with a 6-month-old!). I wish I could let the companies know what I'm interested in as opposed to getting a broad selection of deals based solely on my location.

spotted fox

Spotted Fox fulfills my needs. Most importantly, they fulfill ONLY my needs. Users fill out a quick profile, selecting from 18 different interests. Spotted Fox then sends emails on the days you WANT them about things you actually CARE about in regions you live near or visit frequently. No more sifting through a pile of junk email to find something relevant to your life.

For my San Diego readers, their next deal is one I'm really excited about. Mor Furniture For Less is offering $200 worth of furniture for $49 – over 75% off at any of their six San Diego locations! We've started babyproofing since Some Boy's becoming mobile rapidly, so I'm looking at shelving to get things up off the floor, kid-friendly coffee tables, comfy crawling rugs and decorations that'll look good up high. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from Mor:

mor furniture

I also love the configurations they have for teenagers to maximize space with lofts and clever storage ideas:

Mor loft

Go get the deal over on Spotted Fox!

This post is sponsored by Spotted Fox. All opinions are my own.