spring cleaning tips

I hate cleaning.

Phew. It feels good to get that off my chest. It's not that I hate all aspects of cleaning. I'm okay with laundry because I can fold it while chatting with Nate or watching a movie. I don't mind tidying up the kitchen or corralling clutter. I do mind dishes and vacuuming. The never-ending feel of dishes drives me nuts. They're there every SINGLE day and it's just exhausting doing something that you know will need to be done again in like, an hour. Vacuuming tires me out and hurts my back. I also don't like the smell of all those chemical-based cleaning products. They give me a headache. Do I sound whiny enough yet? This is what cleaning does to me.

pennysaver spring cleaning tips

I've been checking out PennySaver's Spring Cleaning Tips page lately and am finding a wealth of helpful tips over there, not just for quick clean-up but for long-term solutions that will actually minimize aggravation and time spent cleaning. Did you know that you can make your own cleaning products with stuff you either have around the house already or can easily get at the grocery store? I'm finding all sorts of good advice like how to keep kid's toys picked up: baskets, drawers and bins aplenty are definitely the key to a clutter-free household! Keeping baby wipes or wet paper towels handy after a walk is a good way to keep your pets from tracking their muddy paws throughout the house. One thing the site suggests which we used to do in our own home when I was a kid is having a dedicated cleaning day each week. Everyone would get up early on Saturday and get the house in order before getting on with our weekend festivities.

My main advice for maintaining a clean home is working on it a little bit each day before it really piles up, and recruiting help as much as possible. Get the whole family to pitch in with what they're good at. Nate and I have his parents come over to work with us on the yard on occasion, because neither of us is very experienced at managing a garden and lawn. In exchange, we go over and help tidy up their house once in awhile before extended family comes into town. My sister always helps out with the dishes when she's here, and in exchange I show her how to prepare faster, cleaner meals on a budget. Everyone has their strengths, so it's best to play to them!

And if all else fails, you can get coupons for a maid service so someone else can do the dirty work.

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