Spring is coming! Quite abruptly, if you happen to be located in San Diego like me. One minute we had below-freezing temperatures and the next we're frolicking in the pool. What happened? Every year around this time I go through my wardrobe to see what's salvageable from last year and what needs to be upgraded. It's my Spring Style Scan!

My Spring Style Must-Haves

spring style - shoes

This year for me, it was all about shoes. My feet grew another half size with the second baby, so last year's shoes just aren't cutting it. And even when my feet haven't grown, I often find that last year's sandals have been pretty well thrashed from all my beach trips. I upgraded with a ton of shoe essentials, even replacing the boots that I wore out over winter! Check out my huge haul from 6pm.com. I saved almost half off on awesome brands like Enzo Angiolini, Born and more.

Cole Haan sunglasses

Last-year's sunglasses have probably been smashed somewhere by now. If this isn't the case for you, can I have your secret? Some Boy discovered mine in a drawer a couple weeks ago and that was the end of those. How do you maintain fashion with children around?? I'm digging these Cole Haan shades from 6pm.com. I love the color: so versatile – these would go with anything!

Kate Spade necklace

Bright colors are really in this season, but I'm always wary of jumping on the latest colorful fad. Try incorporating some fun accents in with the basics you already own (you do have high-quality jeans, shorts, tees and cardigans…right?). Take those boring fundamentals up a notch with a cute clutch or bold necklace. I'm digging this Kate Spade Marina Bay necklace.

Spring Style for the Whole Family

children's spring style

Don't forget the husband and the kids. They can't keep running around in those reindeer sweaters from Christmas. Their wardrobe gets pretty much the same treatment as mine does: a quick run-through to check on what fits (usually cardigans and light jackets can keep on keepin on through the spring months), what doesn't (kids ALWAYS need new shoes) and where their style could use a general upgrade (hats, light scarves, etc).

Spring Style Scan

easy spring style updates

So that's our spring style methodology: basics, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry and other accessories. How does your family prep for spring?