It's no secret that I have a long and enduring love of coffee, Starbucks in particular. Hailing from Seattle, it seems only natural that this Northwest brand would be just the thing to greet me in the morning and boost me up in the late afternoon.

starbucks equals love

I'm quickly passing down said obsession to my children. See that adoration there? He's only nuzzling me to see what's in my Starbucks cup.

“Mook? Mook?” he asks, his toddler word that initially applied to milk and now indicates any beverage. Sometimes I let him take a little sip of my Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa packets when we're sitting by the fireplace at night, which is by far his favorite.

“No buddy, this is mama's mook,” I tell him, clutching my latest Starbucks flavor.

“Mama's mook!” he points and beams.

starbucks love giveaway

I ran into the Starbucks representatives earlier this month when Nate and the boys and I went to New Orleans for a bloggy conference (more on that in a later post). Have I mentioned that I've gotten to know the PR people who represent my favorite coffe house? Heck yes, I've got friends in awesome places. They keep me up-to-date on the latest Starbucks developments and well-stocked with all of my favorites. Refreshers in the summertime, deep and earthy drinks in the fall, holiday flavors throughout the season.

I came home to find this sweet Valentine's box on my doorstep, and man have they got me pegged! Blondes are my current obsession, especially Bright Sky Blend. Light and nutty, I pop one of these into my Keurig each morning and it eases me into those 4am wakeup calls so I can get on top of life before it gets on top of me (people are always surprised to hear I'm an early riser but how the heck else did you think I'd juggle Someday I'll Learn and the kids and the new business? I'm not a circus performer, people!). This Sweetheart CD they sent over is a nice way to break the dawn as well. Blake Mills' rendition of “I Hope” is haunting and beautiful.

Thank God for Starbucks.

Starbucks = love.