Father's Day is most commonly thought of as a day to celebrate fathers. To recognize their contributions to their families and children. A time to say “thank you” to the ones that inspire, support and even push us further.

Stoked to be a father

I, however, don't see it that way. I believe mothers deserve recognition and adoration on Mother's Day (not to mention all the other days). As a father, I take Father's Day as a day to honor the position of “father,” not myself specifically. Fatherhood is a remarkable duty and responsibility. This is a day for me to reflect on what I have to be grateful for as a dad…because being a dad is a gift and is something to be grateful for.

Dad grilling up dinner

There was a time when being selected for a special position was seen as an honor and a great privilege. Much of American society nowadays sees similar occurrences as a burden or a chore. Honestly, to me, it's very unfortunate that some think of it as a job.

Stoked to be a father

On Father's Day, I like to reflect on how lucky I am to be a dad. A father to three very precocious boys.

STOK grill, compact and ready to go

We've been working with STOK, and the barbecue is one of the places I take achievements into my own hands. Much like fatherhood, I get out what I put into it. It's a basic cooking system as most grills are, and yet this setup in particular still has so many varying techniques and options.

Boys playing in the dirt

It's nice to be beside a grill. There's less clutter and my mind wanders. I watch the boys play with clods of dirt and as they do, I am grateful. One of the secret joys of being a father is a the nostalgia your children provide.

Making fajitas on the grill. This cool insert system makes it possible to barbecue just about anything!

Just standing there, I am ten years younger.

Shrimp fajitas on the grill.

Tonight's dinner is shrimp fajitas. The STOK cast iron kettle is a great option for cooking down the peppers. Then, I just swap in the WOK to finish it off at the end with the shrimp. A simple system with advanced possibilities at home or on-the-road.

Baby eating PB&J

Too many visible vegetables to be truly appreciated by my boys, but it's fine with me if peanut butter and jelly suits them better. As long as we're all together.

Recognize the possibilities... quote

What possibilities are you exploring this month?