A lot of people consider Labor Day to be the last day of summer. I'm one of the stubborn ones who likes to squeeze every last drop of sunshine out. I'm refusing to acknowledge the season's end until September 22nd this year, when the autumnal equinox officially ushers in the beginning of fall. Either way, these days are numbered…it's time to reflect on summer fun.

butterfly on flowers

We take a lot of photos, and I like to sit down with the boys every once in awhile to talk with them and remember all the fun adventures we've had in recent days.

summer fun swimming in the pool with opa

Summer fun for us included splashing around the pool with Opa, learning to kick and hold our breath underwater.

pregnant me

We spent lazy days meandering through the California desert, our collective pace slowed to let pregnant mama keep up.

grape up-close

Nate and I went on photo journeys together, with him offering tips on how to capture the nuances of the world: veins of a grape, the deep greens of a crisp dying leaf. It's been fun to explore and deepen new interests outside of the home, something that we can bond over together aside from the usual family life and pop culture discussions.

playing with light

Some Boy and Sidekick explored the intricacies of their own little world. It's amazing to see how fascinated they are by the details of how a light strand works, how a tree grows up from the ground or what propels wheels to move forward on the pavement. Seeing life in this manner, through my children's eyes, takes me back to my own wonder-filled years.

blowing bubbles with chanel

We held backyard bubble-blowing competitions with aunts and uncles, seeing who could boast the biggest bubble that would pop the loudest. My sister and I used to walk up our hilly lane when we were kids, clutching our dollar allowance to buy the softest, sweetest gum on display. We'd sit with our legs splayed on the sidewalk, wrappers strewn about, silly faces behind pink globe-shaped orbs as we fell into fits of giggles over toothy bubble-filled grins. Summer fun means open schedules for us to come together more often and relive those sun-ripened days, passing them down as part of a family legacy of memories.

Juicy Fruit logo

Juicy Fruit was always my favorite gum as a kid, the familiar yellow package that Grandma would fish out of her purse to our small, eager, outstretched hands. It smelled aptly like fruit, banana and pineapple with hints of peach: the quintessential “bubble gum” flavor that every child comes to know and love. On top of Juicy Fruit Bubble Gum “chunks” (an apt description for the hefty, chewable pieces that make for perfect-sized bubbles), the company also introduced Juicy Fruit Fruity Chews this summer which have been a favorite of the adults in our family. They come in canisters that fit perfectly in a cup holder for easy sharing during road trips. Juicy Fruit Strawberry is Nate's favorite, whereas I tend to go for the original flavor.

It's hard to beat a classic.

Has your family been reflecting on your summer fun as the season winds down? 

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