me pregnant

People keep asking for updates on the pregnancy. I feel like some of the details are escaping me this time around: I don't know what size fruit the baby is equivalent to. I don't have an exact number of days we have left and I was really, really feeling the caffeine reduction this time around. It's a whole new ballgame being pregnant when you have two toddlers running around.

me drinking coffee

I told my OBGYN the other day that I'm getting afternoon headaches lately, and she had a simple solution. “Drink some caffeine after lunch. Tea, soda, coffee. Life is busy and you're probably feeling the withdrawals more this time. You need that pick-me-up, and you're doing well staying hydrated.”

Well, you don't have to tell me twice! After restricting my caffeine intake (largely because of my uterus complications), getting the go-ahead to enjoy a cup or two a day was like lifting a fog. I come from Starbucks' birthplace up in Seattle, so it's pretty much written in my DNA that I constantly crave the smooth, subtle cocoa-toasted flavors of their Pike Place Roast.

starbucks tumbler

My friends over at Starbucks (yes, I've befriended the PR gals at Starbucks because, duh, I live and breathe coffee) sent me over this cute glass tumbler that serves as an open-mouthed regular cup at home and then has a convenient lid when I need to run in a rush. Like when things start getting out of hand and I just HAVE to escape to Oma and Opa's couch and let the kids run around destroying their house for awhile.

putting my feet up with a cup of coffee

It takes a village, they say. And in this case, a strong cup of coffee.