The northern part of San Diego where we live fortunately has a rather mild climate. We pretty much skip winter altogether, with one long summer to fall transition followed by a bit of rain before we dive back into sunshine and bikinis. I've become something of an expert at layering tactics, doing my best to make my light clothing last year-round.

How to transition clothing from summer to fall

Here's how I make the summer to fall transition easy with a few essentials.

1.  Refresh clothes with a REALLY good cleaning. Obviously, I wash my clothes when they're dirty. But there's always a few pieces that get stashed aside in desire of a little extra attention and spot treatment. Bring them back to life! We work with P&G and have found that Tide can pull out the toughest stains and make white shirts brighter, while Ultra Downy returns softness and Bounce Dryer Sheets freshens clothes and help them repel lint and hair.

fall to summer clothing - scarves

2.  Layer up. Throw a tank or a thin, long-sleeved piece beneath a lighter shirt to extend its season. Add leggings under a summer dress and complete it with a cardigan for a look that goes from warm weather to cool.

3.  Accessorize accordingly. Instead of buying new clothes every season, update your accessories with the latest trends for a quick infusion of fashion. You can also incorporate hats, gloves and scarves as statement pieces that help keep you warm.

fall to summer boots

4.  Give flip-flops the boot. No matter how comfortable they are, sandals are the quickest way to kill the cozy vibe of an autumn outfit. Go from summer to fall, head-to-toe, by pairing your lighter pieces with chunky boots.

5.  Polish it off. Just as you want to prep for a summer to fall transition with a deep cleaning of your clothes, it's important to finish off your look with a little extra effort. Summer is easy breezy casual, whereas fall calls for a little more drama. Do your makeup and put a little effort into a sleeker hairdo.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with One2One Network and P&G.