I haven't talked a lot about my other business endeavor here on Someday I'll Learn. However, I've connected with SO many new parents who struggle to balance family and professional responsibilities; it makes me feel good to share my story as an example of how it can all work together! I started Millennial Blogs awhile back after receiving numerous referral requests for bloggers who had a similar style as Someday I'll Learn. Companies want to reach millennials and hear real-life stories from authentic, engaging voices who offer shareable content and photos. My agency was born naturally and suddenly (goodness knows I had no plans to take on anything new with two kids under 2) to bridge the gap between this incredible generation and the brands who can help make their lives better.

Megan from Sunshine Wonderland

Last week we were able to bring a bunch of our influencers together for the inaugural Sunset Millennial Summit, a chance to dialogue about the blogging industry with in-depth learnings at an incredible venue. Seventeen of us (and a baby!) gathered at the gorgeous Sunset Vacation Rental home in Ocean Beach, San Diego.

Sunset Vacation Rental

With two master suite-sized rooms, a fully-stocked kitchen and two-and-a-half baths, it was the perfect spot to come together for tons of relationship-building, with intimate chats on the patio and late-night jokes in the great room.

Whole Foods

We picked up food from our sponsor at Whole Foods La Jolla (if you're local, follow them on Twitter and Instagram) and were amazed at their generosity in sending home some delicious food and drink selections with all of the attendees. I love how they feature local picks in each of their stores, and I was stoked to find one of my favorite jams included (shoutout to Jackie's Jams in El Cajon).

Heather and Whitney from Rookie Moms

It was an incredible opportunity to make some new friends and reconnect with some old ones…

Chelsea and Heather from Baby Bump and Beyond

…all while learning about the real questions and concerns on everybody's minds. We tried a fun format where each attendee was able to write down any question so we could discuss it as a group. I'm totally doing this for every event I'm involved in from now on!

Tiffany from Toot Sweet 4 Two

If you're a reader who blogs, come join us at Millennial Blogs! There is no age limit. We typically work with bloggers born from 1978-1998, or influencers who fit with that generation’s engagement and civic-minded ideals.

Stay tuned and watch out for this savvy group; we are dreaming BIG!