Super Glue

Today, I went shopping for Super Glue at Walmart to fix one of the many things I’ve broken since having my first child seven weeks ago. It’s amazing what lack of sleep will do to your coordination! I scraped the side of my car by running it up a curb, I dropped my iPhone into a cooler of water, I broke my favorite coffee mug and I've burned more dinners than I care to recall. At least I can do something about the mug.


Have I mentioned how much I love Walmart? I think it's inevitable that all parents are bound to end up at Walmart at least twice a week. The place has everything! Out of diapers? Walmart. Need something quick for dinner? Walmart. Camping supplies? Walmart. My visit to Walmart today made me ponder a few things. First: why is it always so cloudy in June? Seriously. It's summer. Second: Why are there SO many people out shopping at 10AM on a Thursday? Don't they have somewhere to be?? And last: what is it about Super Glue that makes it so dang super? The stuff affixes to literally any item I can think of. Except maybe ice.

Super Glue

Anyway, Walmart is in the middle of moving all the aisles around. What used to be office supplies is now toilet paper. And where the crafts used to be? Men's underwear! So it took a little longer than usual for me to navigate this store (which I used to know like the back of my hand). They actually keep some Super Glue in the office supply aisle AND the craft aisle. Pretty convenient, once I found the aisles I needed.

gel Super Glue

I picked up some gel Super Glue to fix my tragically wounded mug. This stuff is incredible! The one thing I always hated about Super Glue is that it drips all over my hands, and my fingers get stuck together. Well, they've now invented a gel version of Super Glue that actually stays where you put it. It came out in little drops that I applied to the handle before holding the handle up to the mug for 45 seconds. And it stuck, just like that! The crack where the handle broke off is barely even noticeable. My mug was back in action and ready for its next latte in less than a minute.

Super Glue mug

Someone please tell me I'm not the most clumsy person on the face of the planet. Does parenthood do this to everyone?

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are my own. For more photos of this Walmart Super Glue shopping experience, check out my Intersect story.