Sweet and simple iced tea disclosure

I love sweet iced tea in the summer. Sitting on the porch with a sunset streaming through my tumbler, a lazy dog at my feet and kids playing around the chicken coop. This is my idea of heaven, right outside my doorstep.

sweet iced tea on the patio

I used to make big batches of sweet iced tea throughout the season, but life has caught up to us and I just haven't had the energy lately to be spending much time in the kitchen. I could blame the pregnancy, but it's honestly just that my energy has been going elsewhere: being devoted more to the (very active) kids or spent on projects around the house instead.

brew over iced sweet tea at Walmart

A friend working with the #CollectiveBias agency told me that there are special #BrewOverIce and #BrewItUp coffee and iced tea K-Cups that you can brew directly over a big cup of ice, and I stumbled across a few different flavors at a special display in Walmart. I've seen them on an endcap near the coffee aisle in other stores, but my store had them sitting over near the dairy.

keurig sweet iced tea

So now I can have a perfect cup of sweet iced tea at the push of a button, making my Keurig useful year-round for hot and iced drinks.

Just Peachy Sweet Iced Tea

sweet iced tea with peaches and blueberries

I like to plop some blueberries and sliced peaches in mine, especially when guests swing by looking for a treat. Those extra 30 seconds really take sweet iced tea up a notch, from a quick drink to a pretty accent.

Simple and sweet peach iced tea for one

So this is where you'll find me, all summer long. Feet up, smile on my face, sweet iced tea in my hand. Ideally with a happy friend or family member by my side.

What's your favorite summer drink? Do you brew up sweet iced tea for friends and family?