Early on in my pregnancy, I shared the story of my disastrous OBGYN appointment. You know, the one where the doctor's office messed up my appointment three times in one week and I wound up sobbing in the waiting room. Good times. For some bizarro reason I decided to give them another chance and stuck it out with that office until I was 22 weeks pregnant. In those 22 weeks, I saw more appointment fiascoes, incorrectly entered information and condescending attitude than I thought possible. When one patient asked how the office staff managed to lose all her medical documents, she was given the snappy reply that “with 152 patients, mistakes are bound to happen.” When they mis-scheduled my appointment that week (for the third or fourth time), I told them I'd be switching OBGYNs and begrudgingly paid a “processing fee” to have my charts turned directly over to me.

Free at last!

switch obgyn

My friend Becky from Miss Priss had a similar experience and ended up switching OBGYNs at 30 weeks, so she was a lifesaver in recommending her new doctor. Some OBGYNs don't accept patients that are beyond 20 weeks pregnant but Dr. Barmeyer has been understanding, caring and helpful. He and his nurse practitioner took time to listen to my concerns and explain exactly what I can expect next. They even helped me pick a pediatrician and urged me to sign up for childbirth classes before they fill up.

Switching OBGYNs mid-pregnancy can be a scary idea, especially for a pregnant woman in the midst of nausea, exhaustion and downright annoyance with the entire medical community. It seems easier to just avoid the issue, especially when you throw in the hassle of switching medical groups and the fear that a new doctor may want to run tests all over again…and what if they aren't covered a second time? How much will it cost? All these concerns made me drag my feet for way longer than I should have. In the end, open communication with the doctors alleviated my fears. Switching OBGYNs was the best decision I could have made for myself and my child, and I'd encourage anyone in a similar situation to do the same.