toddler with tablet

I've been using tablets for awhile, but I've always thought of them as having pretty limited use. Entertain the kids for a few minutes? Check. Take notes in a business meeting? Sure. Respond to a quick email? Absolutely, presuming I have WiFi available. I always figured I could do more if I had a data plan on my tablet, but we all know I am WAY too much of a commitment-phobe for all that. Then I discovered a tablet that has TMobile free data. No more hunting down connectivity OR stressing about contracts.

free data for life on Trio Tablet

I was walking through the tech section the other day when this #CollectiveBias #TabletTrio sign screamed out at me. Walmart now has T-Mobile free tablet data with the purchase of a $179 Trio AXS 7.85″ tablet. 200 MBs monthly, for life. I did the calculations pretty quickly in my head: I go through an average of 250 MBs per week on my phone, but that's with full-time use and lots of video watching. I decided to give it a try and so far, this amount of data has been more than adequate for my blogging needs.

blogging on a tablet while watching the kids

It seems that the ability to wander outside of my WiFi comfort zone was exactly what I needed to unleash my creativity, because now I've been tablet blogging up a storm. I can grab my gadget and head to the far end of my property (beyond the invisible beam of my router) to squeeze in a little work while the kids play in the field. It's perfect for this crazy back-to-school season, when we're shuffling between playdates and meetings and all sorts of life hecticness. My work is being squeezed into a smaller and smaller timeframe as the kids get older, so I'm relying heavily on tools like this to get me through.

Blogging from a tablet

As far as blogging from a tablet, it's surprisingly easy when you're not worried about connectivity. I have all of my photos sync to my Dropbox on gadgets from my smart camera. Then I use a plugin called Image Shrink Lite to resize my pictures and export them into WordPress.

using a tablet in the car

Posts are saved as a draft so I can pick up and go wherever family and the job may take me. We spend a lot of time on the road for work, so it's super-convenient that I can count on reliable data to be there if I want to use my passenger seat time (while Nate drives) to wrap up and schedule a post. All from one tablet.

Blogging on a tablet: how to blog from start-to-finish on the go

So now whether I'm at home or in transit (or on a boat! or with a goat!) I can get a full project done, from start to finish. Things like back-to-school and real life can take priority over hunting down internet, as they should.

Do you work from a tablet? Any helpful hints for productivity on-the-go or when life gets busy?