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Adorable idea for serving tea to guests: make a tea tree to help them decide on a flavor! #shop #cbias #AmericasTea

If you've come in search of “tea tree oil,” you're in the wrong place. My apologies, but I just can't think of another way to describe my awesome tree of tea!

Bigelow tea on shelves #shop #cbias #AmericasTea

See, we have a ton of guests over for the holiday season and we are all about connections made over a nice, warm cup of tea. I slap on some Ugg boots, stoke the fire and sip my Bigelow Vanilla Chai. I always have between five and ten tea flavors in my cabinets that I stock up on at Walmart, but I've never been good at getting them all into an organized display. They float around in plastic bags or cardboard boxes and anytime someone wants to pick a flavor they have to go sort through my massive pile.

It kind of feels like my friends are pawing through my underwear drawer. Tea is oddly personal for me.

create tea tags #shop #cbias #AmericasTea

So I decided to make a tea display by hanging my various tea bag flavors from a tree. Festive, functional. My kind of craft. Now when someone asks, “What kind of tea do you have?” I can point them in the direction of my tea tree as opposed to sending them to my chaotic cabinet. Then I can go fetch their flavor because I know exactly where it is.

It's the control freak in me. This is an organized sort of disaster. Don't touch my mess!

I held onto one of the manzanita tree branch centerpieces from our wedding for crafts such as this (I decorate it every season), but I've seen similar tree forms sold in stores for jewelry. As far as the hanging tea bags, all you need are gift tags with ribbons, tea bags and some glue.

each tea has its own description #shop #cbias #AmericasTea

Write out a tag describing the flavor of each tea. The “sweet and spicy” Constant Comment from Bigelow is always a big hit. Kinda sassy, much like a lot of my tea-drinking friends. You can see I'm a big Bigelow fan. The quality is always consistent, they make a ton of flavors and the price is right.

tea tags describe the flavor of the tea #shop #cbias #AmericasTea

Glue the corresponding tea bag to the backside of the tag.

Hang from your tree and – voila – tea tree display! I like the simple decoration, and it ties in well with our festive food theme this holiday season. We have homemade pomanders greeting guests at the door, cranberries strung as a festive garland, and now tea adorning our little accent tree.

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How do you organize your tea cabinet?