new washing machine

New House, New Stuff

As part of our recent move, we've decided to do a full tech update to bring all of our stuff up to speed. We negotiated a washer and dryer into the purchase of the house, and also got a dishwasher for the first time EVER. Yes, we've been in a seven-year relationship without ever buying a dishwasher or having one in any of our rentals. It was brutal. The new place also came with a tankless water heater!

tech update

With our tech update, we're updating all of our office equipment so that we stop wasting time fiddling with broken and improperly functioning equipment. We got the super-awesome HP 3052A All-In-One Printer with e-print capabilities so we can copy, scan and print – we can even print from our smartphones or tablets. No more time wasted emailing stuff to myself to print out later. I can send photos, coupons, recipes and more directly to my printer from just about anywhere.

The print quality is really good, with crisp, clear colors and extremely quick printing. I've had all-in-ones before that lagged a bit, but this one gets the job done fast.

new ink for our new tech

Best of all, the printer and the ink for it are conveniently available at Walmart (unlike the ink for my last computer, that required a special trip to an office supply store). I use HP XL ink cartridges to save up to 40% on prints with their high ink capacity – they fit in place of the standard ink cartridges, but I get a lot more prints out of them at a lower price.

Tech Update: What's Next

Next up on our tech update: iPhone 5! And I've been looking into a Roku, and it's about time to update our Playstation since the Blu-Ray functionality is starting to lag. Rumor has it that they'll be coming out with a Playstation 4 sooner, rather then later, so I may hold off to see what's in store there.

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