How to throw a Teen Beach Movie PartyI have a confession to make. My sister and I are utterly, hopelessly obsessed with Zac Efron. We happened to catch him in High School Musical when it played while we were babysitting one day, and it became an instant fascination. We'd gather around to watch sequels the moment they aired. He's a singing, dancing, acting, basketball dribbling machine and I have seen every single one of his movies to this day. I think a lot of his star factor initially came from the amazing production crew at Disney. Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling…Disney obviously has an eye for talent. So when I heard that they were making Teen Beach Movie and it was being touted as the “next” High School Musical, I got ridiculously giddy and put together a whole Teen Beach Movie Party plan to celebrate.


Everything you need for a Teen Beach Movie Party

poolside party

Party poolside. Gather your friends around the pool (or even at the beach!) for a memorable viewing experience. I've seen people get a blow-up screen or even just project onto a big, white sheet. After the sun goes down, lounge in the hot tub or pass out blankets so everyone can get comfortable.

Teen Beach Movie snacks

Themed food. Don't forget the beachside bar! “Sandy Spaghetti” (cold noodles tossed with olive oil and parmesan) is a cute side dish to go with – what else? – teen faves like pizza and kebabs.

Karaoke. Yup, we've got another musical on our hands! Snag the soundtrack and invite everyone to rock out on stage (or in your living room. Whatever).

Teach Beach Movie

Beach balls. Stock up on the inflatable toys to ensure lots of memorable playtime for the kids.

beach movie crafts

Activities. I always like to have a craft handy to keep busy kids happy. Disney offers a ton of fun games and crafts on their website, including an origami lei necklace and puzzles.

temporary tattoos

Dress up. Let everyone get decked out in funky sunglasses, Hawaiian shirts and fake tattoos. A photo booth will make the event extra-special.

Tune in

Tune-in to “Teen Beach Movie” on Disney Channel Friday, July 19 at 8pm ET/PT!

What summer party themes are you planning for your kids?