ongoing house projects

My house has been an all-out disaster lately. Seriously. A friend came over to hang out the other day and took it upon herself to do my dishes because it was SO obvious that I needed help. We've been in the midst of a whole series of household renovations and now we're shuffling some of the rooms around. After taking the boys to a Gymboree class the other day I realized how desperately they need a play space other than the living room. So I'm moving my office to the guest room in order to clear out the area adjacent to their bedroom, which can't house many toys since it's still doubling as a nursery for the wee ones.

Striving for a grateful mindset in spite of the mess

I was wallowing in the upheaval of fitting the bed and all my office stuff into the smaller room when it dawned on me how lucky I am to have this mess. My big dilemma for the month was how to juggle the needs of my at-home dream job with the educational activities of my healthy, vibrant children. Talk about your first world problem! And then I decided I need to shift this perspective towards the many things I'm thankful for.

thankful for family

I am thankful for my family. These boys bring so much joy to my life, and now I get to have another one! We tried for so long to get pregnant again that I'd given up on the whole idea when – BAM – baby decided to come onboard. They do things on their own time, I'm learning.

amazing opportunities

What an endlessly exciting life I lead, filled with genuine people and incredible opportunities.

German Shepherd

And when the downtime comes, I'm grateful for the chance to catch my breath. I rejoice in the quiet days and solitude filled with lazy dogs, household chores and anticipation for what's next.

I'm thankful for it all.