You may have noticed I've been on a bit of a self-improvement kick recently, and we can't really talk beauty or physical characteristics without contemplating genetics.

Me and mom

So this is my mom. She and I have a lot in common, physically: dark brown eyes, strong leg muscles, a dairy sensitivity and the experience of severe morning sickness.

Say what?

Yeah, those last two have been a doozy for both of us.

Baby messing everything up
My ninja baby, totally screwing with my stuff as usual.

Babies are kind of known for their tendency to mess things up, but both mom and I took an intense hit to our bodies when we created our small people. We've recently been working with Viactiv, and it turns out that pregnant women need a ton of calcium. 68% of OBGYNs surveyed said that they recommend their pregnant patients take a calcium supplement. Somehow, mom and I both had OBs who didn't fall within that percentage. Obviously, baby needs calcium to build healthy bones, teeth, muscles and even heart…but babies in the womb who aren't getting enough nutrients can actually steal what they need from their mom's body, resulting in the loss of bone and tooth density.

Ways to get calcium when pregnant
Some of the many ways a mom can get calcium when pregnant.

Now, mom and I don't really do dairy. It makes us both feel kinda gross and sick, so we should have been taking a supplement this whole time to make sure our kids got what they needed. We didn't, and it was with complete and utter horror that I literally watched one of my mom's teeth break in half one day when she bit into a muffin.

No joke, you guys. We were in the mall bra shopping and it was probably the most horribly comical thing anyone could possibly witness, ever. It was like, “Oh my GOD, your tooth!”….”AAAAAAAAAHHHH, my tooth!!!!”….”Your freaking TOOTH, mom!!!!”

I really don't recommend the experience.

Her dentist diagnosed her with tooth loss due to lack of calcium. I rushed in to see mine, and he said I was headed straight towards the same fate. Apparently most prenatal vitamins only include like 20% of daily calcium needs, so I actually had to have gum surgery to increase the protection around certain teeth where severe tooth loss had occurred during pregnancy.

Good times.

Pregnancy calcium needs

Long story short, now I take a daily calcium supplement. It also includes critical stuff like Vitamin D, iron, folic acid, iodine and more to make life better all-around.

Mom and baby

And I do my best not to blame this little guy for being a pain. A very literal pain. In my mouth.

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