the best prenatal vitamins don't suck

At this point, I consider myself an expert on the best prenatal vitamins. I've been on the hunt for the best prenatal vitamins since I got pregnant with Some Boy. I've tried over half a dozen brands and they almost ALL made me sick. This current pregnancy was a real doozy: the first trimester, I couldn't keep anything down at all. I'd take my prenatal vitamins and promptly throw them up. It made for some very expensive toilet water. I remember sending Nate on a quest to find me the best prenatal vitamins (seeing as how I was too dizzy and light-headed to function for a few months, he got to do my errands for me). He came home defeated one day, telling me that he asked the local pharmacist which were the best prenatal vitamins and she responded, “None of them. They all make pregnant women queasy. That's just part of the deal.” No, it's not. Or it shouldn't be. I was determined to find something that didn't make me sick so that my baby could get the proper nutrition. And finally, I did.

The Best Prenatal Vitamins

The best prenatal vitamins I've found…aren't actually vitamins at all. They're a powder supplement called PreMama that you simply stir into any liquid. I think the real issue that my stomach was having with the vitamins was the sheer size and the difficult absorbing them. The best prenatal vitamins absorb easily, I've found, such as the ones that come in gel capsules instead of big tablets. But another step up from that – without the need to even try to stomach a pill of any sort – is this powder supplement.

prenatal vitamins

What are the best prenatal vitamins you've found? Would you give a powder supplement a try? If so, check out Premama on Facebook for more information!

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