I shared with you all awhile ago how we were having a little trouble introducing the sippy cup. We went through at least half a dozen sippy cups and had come to something of a resolution, but it was messy. Really messy. I took a small beginner sippy cup with a flexible spout, removed the valve and poked a bunch of extra holes in the top so that the milk would come out faster. Some Boy really seemed to take issue with having to work for his liquid, so this made it easier for him and he tolerated the dreaded sippy cup while the rest of us tolerated a big, fat mess at every meal.

sippy cups

Then, Tommee Tippee sent over a set of new sippy cups for us to try. Yeah, they were pink and purple with hearts and unicorns on them. I'm not sure if Tommee Tippee thinks that Some Boy is a girl or if they just get a kick out of challenging traditional gender assignments. Either way, Nate sure thought it was funny. The package indicated that they were for ages two and up, but I figured they were worth a shot with my one-year-old little boy: he definitely eats like a toddler, so he may like drinking like one, too. Plus, I was SO over mopping up milk. Whoever came up with the expression, “Don't cry over spilled milk” definitely didn't have a small person chucking cups of it at their head four to five times a day.

It's Official: The End of the Sippy Cup War

baby sippy cup

I removed the valve at first and offered it to him with lunch. And…he went for it. Aside from a little confusion about which end he's supposed to drink out of, he took to that thing like a fish takes to water. I hesitantly added the valve back in, crossing my fingers that he wouldn't notice. He chugged on, undaunted. And just like that, our sippy cup war was over. The bottle's officially gone and we're slowly integrating all “drink times” with “meal times” instead of offering him a separate cup before naps and bed like we used to. Dare I say, he's practically functioning like a little man instead of a baby. They grow up so fast.

tommee tippee explora sippy cup

And yes, I'm headed to Target¬†ASAP to pick up some “boy” versions of these Tommee Tippee sippy cups. They make some really cute patterns, including a dinosaur and an airplane-themed one that I think Some Boy will get a kick out of. Although he is enjoying all the pink hearts for the time being.