finer things

Since about week four of my pregnancy, I've been struggling to get out of the house. I'm proud to say I manage to change out of my pajamas every morning (yoga pants count as appropriate business attire now, right? RIGHT?), but I crash nightly by about 7:30-8 pm. I get through work, come home and blog a bit, eat something, throw in a Netflix movie and fall asleep 15 minutes in. It's  really lame. I understand now how families get sucked into the humdrum of suburban life. Children are exhausting – and mine's not even out in the world yet! Every time someone comments on my recent lack of awesomeness, I feel compelled to remind them, “I'm constructing LIFE in here, people!”

Nate and I have been making a concerted effort to get out and break our Netflix routine. Before the pregnancy, we'd travel and find adventure, go to shows, even occasionally do fancy dinners. I wore dresses and makeup! I'm just not quite ready to give all that up yet. I obviously can't go go-karting or trapeze-flying or any of those things that used to give me a thrill, but I can at least get out of my apartment once in a while. So the other day we went and saw Burn The Floor at Broadway San Diego. That's right. Nate and I went to a Broadway dancing ballroom extravaganza!

Nate was little skeptical after having to sit through an extremely awkward set of a capella/Swing routines during a show on our  Alaskan cruise, but I was excited to break up my High School Musical marathon (don't judge me). I assured him that these were professionals, and I was right. The show featured a number of So You Think You Can Dance stars including judge Mary Murphy and contestants Pasha Kovalev (swoon!) and Ryan and Ashleigh DiLello. If Nate and I could swap bodies with a famous couple for the day, I'd probably choose them just for the ability to show off some impressive acrobatic prowess. Or perhaps Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Those two could influence some major world policy makers with their sheer beauty.

Anyway, the show was really varied with ten styles of dance that kept the audience totally engaged. Mary Murphy did some traditional waltzes and some of the more contemporary styles as well, while the rest of the group did everything from Cha Cha to the Jive. The choreography was excellent and every dancer was right on cue.

I'm already planning our next night out. I've been eyeing some tickets to see Wizard of Oz, and a couple restaurants downtown have our name all over them. I'm convinced wa can totally do this parenting thing without giving up all the finer things in life!