After having kids I became overwhelmingly concerned about anything that went in, on or around my children's bodies. Everything from boxed food to diapers and nursery paint was suspect, but it took awhile for me to extend this way of thinking to our everyday household items. I distinctly remember picking up a stray strawberry from our kitchen floor when a friend was over and remarking, “Five second rule! Good thing I just mopped!” She, being the constant skeptic that many of my friends are, quickly questioned me.

“Did you mop with bleach? Have you walked on that floor since going outside? Yeah? You're basically licking poo covered in bleach right now.”

Yes!! This. Five second rule? Not so much.


That did it.

Five Second Rule = Salmonella, Chemicals and Fecal Matter

From that day on, I started only bringing healthy products into my home and I quit with the five second rule. Researchers testing the five second rule have actually found that fecal matter and bacteria such as Salmonella as well as chemicals that cause cancer are easily finding their way into our bodies with this misguided old adage. Way to ruin a good day, and potentially send your entire life down an unhealthy path! I now require that my housekeepers clean with natural products to at least minimize the chemical aspect, the only one I can truly control. I wish I could do something about fecal matter being tracked into homes on a regular basis. I really, really do.

zerorez socal

When it's time for our quarterly deep-cleaning, I use a service that actually strips away previous chemicals and residue instead of layering more on. I've started working with a company here in SoCal called Zerorez that uses electrolyzed, oxidized water to power away all the gross stuff and leave zero residue.

five second rule cleaning

Putting them to the test, I asked if I could drink their water. Yes. I drank the solution that my home is cleaned with. Don't worry. I made the cleaning guy drink it first. It tasted like water, because that's exactly what it is (and it cleans, I mean TRULY cleans your home without leaving gross residue or those infamously “crunchy” carpets).

Zerorez is offering a special discount for my SoCal readers! You can get two areas (up to 200 square feet each) cleaned for $99 when you mention code SOME05. Just call 866-937-6739 to have your carpet, hardwood, tile and grout or natural stone cleaned (they also do upholstery, but the price is variable depending on the furniture needs). Check them out on Facebook and Twitter and order today by calling 866-937-6739.

How does your family clean? Do your family members use the “five second rule”?