toddler haircut 1

Most moms would panic if they walked into the kitchen and found their toddler looking like this. Not I.

Toddler Haircuts are really just a lesson in Bribery

toddler haircut 6

You see, we've had varying degrees of success with Some Boy's toddler haircuts. It's really hard to get him to sit still for a barber and when he finally does, the hairdressers never seem quite sure what to do with him. The boy's hair grows like a weed, but in a really bizarre sort of swirly pattern at the back. He has a jillion cowlicks. It kind of looks like God was playing a game of darts, with tufts of hair as the darts and my son's head as the board. So when Nate asked if he could give it a go himself, I handed over the scissors.

toddler haircut 4

He started by using his trusty Braun Cruzer on one of its highest settings to trim the hair all around the sides of Some Boy's head.

toddler haircut 2

He combed all of the hair upwards to make sure he had an even line above the ears and around the back of the neck.

toddler haircut 3

And then he went in for his own little crew-cut toddler haircut by simply lifting sections of the hair and trimming it all to about the width of his finger. Why yes, those ARE my craft scissors.

toddler haircut 5

We've found that bribery is the key to a successful toddler haircut. Cookies get him to sit still at home, while I usually resort to Jolly Ranchers at the barber. What? Bribery is a perfectly valid parenting method! And don't even ask about that huge gash on Nate's arm…seriously, you don't want to know.

toddler haircut 7

Isn't he just the cutest little guy ever? His at-home toddler haircut is admittedly a little street fighter-esque, but we'll get better at it with some more practice.And maybe a better pair of scissors.

toddler haircut 8

He got plopped directly in the shower after his haircut, while those PJs went straight into the wash.