It is full-on baby Christmas around here! All sorts of fun new toys are making their way through our home as we gear up for infant number three. After a couple times around the block, I feel much more prepared this time. I've had a ton of friends asking for advice on everything from products to planning and ideas for the oh-so-popular themed baby shower (it seems that everyone and their mom is celebrating a pregnancy right now, I swear).

Invitations for a "soothe" themed baby shower

Someone recently asked for help planning a friend's themed baby shower, and all I could think about was what I'm so desperately in search of these last few weeks: relaxation, calm, sleep, peace. So I helped her knock it out of the park with a “soothe” themed baby shower! We came up with custom invites (you can click the image above to download a printable that's sized perfectly for a 3.5×5″ folded card) as well as sweet decor, food, activities, gift ideas and more.

Party Planning for a “Soothe” Themed Shower

Themed baby shower bunting

Decor. Buntings galore! There is nothing cuter than seeing a string of little baby items, and a “soothe” themed baby shower lends itself well to this. Hang up favorite baby-soothing items, such as stuffed animals and pacifiers. You can play off the theme with more cute sleep-inducing items: dream-catchers, do not disturb signs, little sheep, cozy blankets and tiny pillows.

themed baby shower food

Food. Serve small bites with a sleepy-time theme: greek yogurt with honey, turkey-and-cranberry pastries, lavender macaroons. For drinks, chamomile tea and little bottles of milk are a perfect match for this themed baby shower. I think it would be cute to put up a sign advertising “midnight snacks” with some oft-craved late-night foods.

soothing themed baby shower activities

Activities. Instead of a hectic scavenger hunt or cheesy “what's in the diaper” search, opt for activities that give mom a break. Consider hiring someone to come give pedicures or foot soaks to the whole group. Play “Baby Sleep Bingo” to tie into this themed baby shower, having guests fill in spaces based on all the best ways to help baby sleep: warm baths, gentle rubs, shushing and rocking. You could even opt for trivia! What is this mysterious “moro” reflex? How long is an average newborn's sleep cycle?

gifts to give at a soothe themed baby shower

Gifts. We're still working as ambassadors for Fisher-Price, and have thoroughly tested the latest-and-greatest products to find the things that are most soothing for baby. Some of my favorite gifts that line up with this themed baby shower are the Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, SpaceSaver Jumperoo and Comfort Curve Bouncer. The jumper has a remarkably small footprint and tons of activities to help baby get lots of playtime for better sleep, and the vibrating bouncer is ideal for those fussy times when baby's resisting nap time and needs some distracting toys coupled with a comfortable space to nod off. The breathable deep-seated sleeper is definitely my favorite find: it rocks itself and plugs in for two-speed power that can actually keep up with baby ALL night long. Fisher-Price is also coming out with an incredibly portable, easy to assemble Playard in December that's half the weight of other play yards and includes a removable inclined sleeper (perfect for colicky babies).

What would you bring to a “soothing” themed baby shower?