i like lotion

I was never a huge lotion person until recently. My mom always told me to use lotion to keep my skin vibrant, and I was all, “Pssssh, whatever mom, I'm gonna look young forever!” Turns out…not so much. I'm getting wrinkles. Forehead wrinkles. I'm pretty sure I'm getting butt wrinkles too, but fortunately I can't see back there well enough to really tell.

nivea lotion rocks

I've started using this new Smooth Sensations lotion by NIVEA, and it's helped a lot with my dry skin issues. I used to have a lot of blackheads on my upper thighs from too many years of ignoring my skin (too much information…I know, I know) but this stuff really helped smooth out my skin and even out the skin tone.

i like this camera

My new camera
I somehow managed to lose my little digital camera awhile back. I think Nate stuck it in one of the boxes that has yet to be unpacked here. It was pretty dated, anyway. That thing got us through all of our college years, can you believe that? I've been borrowing his professional camera for artsy food photos and family portraits, but I'm not comfortable taking it on-the-go. I got into the habit of snapping pics with my Windows phone, which is cool for easy posting to social media, but I missed the detail and the feel of a “real” camera. Enter the Samsung ST200F with Wi-Fi capability! This snazzy little camera is my “happy medium” in the photog world. I can manually adjust all the settings if I want to, but it has a smart camera mode that automatically perfects my pictures based on the lighting. It even knows somehow if I'm trying to take up-close macro pics. And it has an awesome panorama mode. AND I can share my photos via email, Facebook, direct to my computer over Wi-Fi and more. It makes blogging a breeze.

i like this guy
Nate's growing a mustache. His reasoning is apparently “March mustache month” which I'm pretty sure he made up himself as an excuse to grow one. I explained to him that mustache month is actually November and is aptly dubbed “Movember” and that the whole thing was actually made up in the name of promoting awareness about prostate and testicular cancer. Alas, here we are. With the ‘stache. No testicular cancer involved.

Mid-day movie dates
One of the things I like a whole lot? Me and Nate's unconventional schedules. It can be a little difficult not always knowing if he'll be home for breakfast or lunch or whatever, but we occasionally get these long stretches of days off together that are so nice. We can push the kids in swingsets at the park when no one else is around. We can stroll the grocery aisles or go see a movie at 10am on a Thursday. Sidekick is still in that awesome phase where he'll sleep right through a matinee, so we occasionally drop Some Boy off with Oma and Opa and sneak off to the theater. Yesterday we saw Warm Bodies. Have any of you seen that yet? I love that skinny pale English dude who plays the lovesick zombie. Did you know he was the kid from About a Boy? True story. He's all grown up now. Time flies.

things i like