Symptoms of getting old: storymapping your face

Right before my last birthday, Nate took it upon himself to inform me that I was getting old. “You're almost 30,” he said. “Then you're totally over the hill!” He likes to tease me because I'm a whole ten months older than him. “Psssh, 30's the new 20,” I retorted. “50, on the other hand, 50 is SO OLD!” Kidding, kidding. You know we love our Boomer readers.

I've never been one to get caught up in numbers, personally. But when I looked in the mirror the other day – really looked for the first time in months – I saw someone who looked surprisingly older than I recall. I'm seeing little wrinkles where before there were none.

self portrait

I'm not getting old, but maybe my skin is

My biggest hangup is that furrow between my eyebrows that's quickly becoming perma-furrowed. It comes from trying so hard to focus all the time, an unfortunate family trait. My grandma, my mom, my sister – we all have this weird tendency to bring our eyebrows together and squint at things, tilting our head to one side when we're pondering something. That thoughtful look wants to etch itself permanently in the middle of our faces.


So, naturally, the minute I realized that this immutable focus was leaving a lasting impression on my skin, I did what any normal not-quite-30-year-old would do. I ran to the store and bought up every single fancy serum and spray and lotion that I could possibly find. I started slathering them on my face constantly…for about a week.

getting old skin cream

And then I totally bailed on that because, really, who has the time? I instead found a single, awesome and affordable multi-functioning product that simplifies my life. Because as much as I'd like to have time for a daily pampering session involving numerous rounds of exfoliators and hydrating creams and anti-aging masks, that's just not reality. My reality involves face wash, some toner if I happen to remember it, and a quick sweep of Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream around my problem areas. Truth be told, I usually don't even wash my hands after applying it. Which works out, because this stuff is non-greasy and goes on really smoothly.


Exfoliation and anti-aging in one product. No hassles. Most importantly, the hydrating power of this stuff rivals the luxury creams that go for upwards of $500 a bottle. Which is good because studies have shown that hydration is the number one key to healthy, wrinkle-free skin. And I really don't have an extra $500 to spend on skin cream.

skin revival

Slowly but surely, we're kicking those brow wrinkles to the curb.

When did you first start to worry that you may be “getting old”?