dad with boys

Oh to be a lonely dad. Yes, poor little me.

Costa Rica view

This last week I've been a stay at home dad as Chelsea has been jet-setting around a quarter of the globe. My phone would chirp with updates, “Hey hun…I'm in Atlanta,” or “North Carolina,” or “New York,” or “Costa Rica.”

Chelsea selfie on the bus

Of course, one of the benefits of Chelsea not being here is she can't leer and nag me not to buy anything on Amazon. Mwa ha ha ha! Oh the gadgets that will fall upon my doorstep in two business days. I'm glad she made a strong case for Prime back when they had exclusive Downton Abbey streaming rights. My only problem, I guess, will be figuring out what to do with all the cardboard boxes.

chopping wood and loading it into the trailer

Actually, I've found that I have two little monsters I need to take care of. I'm learning to enjoy being with them in ways that still allow me to be constructive with my time. My approach is to allow them to join in on the activities that I need to get done. If Daddy needs to chop wood in the field, I just bring their buckets and shovels and they play off to the side. Some Boy is a huge helper and loves to load the wood.

Sidekick helping out

Sidekick…well, he's good at…handing me dirt clods.

With Mom off doing her thing, it's up to me to get all the food. Just like everything else, I like to have the boys help me in some way. We drove to our local Fresh & Easy to pick up our dinner per Chelsea's directives since we've started working with them as she's trying to be all healthy and stuff. She says we need to eat “fresh.” I'm more inclined towards “easy.” This way, we both wind up happy.

reserved parking for adults with children

Oh, and I appreciate that they have parking for people just like me.

take and bake pizza

With a house full of eligible bachelors and their dad, pizza was inevitably the entree of the evening.

Get your preschooler involved early in helping out around the house

Some Boy was excited to pick out his favorite flavor of Fresh & Easy‘s Take & Bake Flatbread Pizza and load it into the basket. He even wanted to make life super easy on me so he decided to give me a break and pushed the cart himself. Really, I don't even need to be here. These kids could've pretty much just run on autopilot for the eleven days Chelsea was gone….right?

dad made pizza at home with the toddler

Dinner only took about 12 minutes to bake and there were no dishes (I'm not sure why Chelsea's always whining about kitchen prep, I mean seriously, pizza for dinner every night would solve all her problems). It's good that this stuff is speedy because Sidekick starts getting grabby after awhile.

dad with the preschooler and toddler

Everything was so easy we just spent the rest of the day making selfie faces for Mom to be jealous of. Maybe next time she'll telecommute instead of leaving three of us hotties on our own.